20 Hospital To-Go Bag Must Haves

It’s almost that time for your baby to come into the world! There’s so much to do, but once you hold your baby in your arms, the stress will fade away (at least for that moment). When the time comes you’ll need to have a grab-and-go bag so you can get to the hospital quickly and ease the stress. Ideally this bag should be packed and ready to roll around 36 weeks of pregnancy, so that you can check it off of your to-do list. Think about packing items that will make you feel the most comfortable, whether it be comfy pillows and/or your favorite cozy blanket for post-birth snuggles!

Here are some hospital bag must haves for labor and delivery:

  1. Hospital paperwork and ID
  2. Your personal toiletries (cleanser, moisturizer, lip balm, lotion, tooth brush, tooth paste, make up if you plan on having a fresh 48 session while at the hospital)
  3. Hair ties & Headband(s)
  4. Comfortable slippers and a few pairs of warm, fuzzy socks (make sure they are non-slid so that you can safely walk on the hospital floors!)
  5. Bath and face towels (the hospital does provide these, but they aren’t always the best or most absorbent)
  6. Extra sets of underwear and pads
  7. Nursing bras and maternity pads (Nurture Nest in Niantic, Connecticut has some awesome options for nursing mamas!)
  8. A pumping bra if you’re planning to nurse/pump! (This one from Target is my favorite, and was a life saver for me with my 3rd baby. Here’s a link to some other amazing options too.)
  9. Glasses, contact lenses, and cleaner (if needed)
  10. Cozy blankets and sweaters (for post-birth snuggles!)
  11. Relaxing massage lotion or oil (so that partner/family members can help you relax by giving you a nice back, hand or foot massage). Did you use bio oil when you were pregnant to help reduce stretch marks?? This works great as a double for massage oil!
  12. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple cream (to prevent your nipples from getting dry and cracking)
  13. A tablet with your favorite movies or shows downloaded (in case you get restless and labor slows)
  14. Snacks & a large water bottle with a straw
  15. Bathrobe
  16. Comfortable pillows
  17. Sugar free candy or lozenges (so that your mouth stays moist during labor)
  18. An extra long phone charger (the standard ones never reach from the limited outlets to the hospital bed, where you’ll be spending most of your time!)
  19. A blanket to swaddle your baby in after birth (the hospital provides one but you may want to bring your own). Here are some of my favorite swaddle blankets.
  20. Going home outfits (for you and the baby – opt for darker colored items in case there are any accidents)
  21. Car seat (already installed and ready to go). Chicco is one of my preferred brands of car seats for infants (and toddlers). The Keyfit 30 has been our go to since baby number 2.


There may be some other items that you think of along the way, bring whatever is going to make you feel the most comfortable and prepared without overwhelming yourself. Place your bag in the car or next to your front door so it’s ready to go when you are- and head off to the hospital to meet your baby! ❤️

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