Autumn Family Photo Sessions – What to Wear

The single most asked question from all my clients. “What should I wear??” and “How do I dress my kids???” Husbands are usually pretty easy. Unless they’re picky about their clothes, which isn’t as uncommon as you might think. All the same, we can generally throw a solid colored Henley or Oxford on them with a pair of dark jeans or some khakis and call it a day.

Women though, we’re another story altogether. And the real kicker…it’s our outfits we have to pick first! But that’s what I’m here for. Well, partly anyway – also to take gorgeous photographs of you in your amazing outfit snuggled up with your children and/or spouse (in their amazing outfits) while you enjoy those fleeting moments and I do all the work, capturing all the goodness on camera.

About those outfits. The thing is, it varies. (Isn’t that your all-time favorite response to any question asked: “it depends” ?!?) But it’s the truth. I’d be lying if I said it were simple, or easy. Wardrobe for photo sessions is neither. But it IS fundamental to beautiful photographs. Wardrobe speaks on so many levels about personality, emotion, style and atmosphere. Think about what we wear to a wedding vs. a funeral. A job interview versus a night out with the girls. Running into Target versus kickin’ it on the sidelines at the soccer field with all the other exhausted parents. Wardrobe makes a huge statement about how we’re feeling about ourselves and in general, what we’re doing, and where we are. And the clothes you choose for those photographs you’re going to look at every day on the walls of your home should reflect you feeling your best, your happiest, your most beautiful. Because we keep the good ones.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year in New England, and especially in Southeast Connecticut and Rhode Island. There are so many beautiful places for Family, Maternity, Couples, and even outdoor Newborn photographs in the Autumn! And you want seasonal clothes to compliment that beautiful scenery. Sadly, it’s time to put away the sundresses and pull out the long sweaters and cardigans. Retire those cute sandals that show off your pedicured toes (unless you’re me, and you’re still wearing the toe nail polish from your last pedicure in June), and pull out the ankle boots. Aside from the colors of the season, my second favorite part of Fall? SCARVES. I can finally wear my scarves again. And so can you! They make great accessories to so many outfits.

Okay, instead of all this telling, how about some showing! Here’s some samples of amazing wardrobes for Autumn Photos:

Fall Family Photos at Roger Williams Park in Providence Rhode Island

I’ve said it before, but I can never say it too much: compliment, compliment, compliment! My favorite thing about every one of the above photographs: no one “matches”. Everyone has their own individual style, expressed beautifully in their separate outfits. For the Fall, warm tones work great with the falling foliage. Mustard yellows, burnt oranges, maroon, gold, denim, tan, brown and beige are all perfect colors for clothes in the fall. Textures change with the seasons too, and Fall and Winter are great seasons to try out some faux fur, suede, and corduroy (like the little girls skirt in the photograph above).

Things to avoid:


Neon colors of any shade.

Shorts on men or boys (even if it’s a warmer day).

Large, loud prints.

In the end, try to have fun with it! Find some outfits you LOVE, and then run them by me and I’ll help you narrow down your choices, and coordinate with the rest of the family. It’s only my second favorite thing to do, besides taking your pictures ;)

Eleven Fall Family Session slots left for 2018 (3 Saturday dates, 8 weekdays), so if you haven’t yet, and you want Fall Family photos done, book now before the rest of the slots are filled!

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