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behind the lens

Hi! I’m Dacia (pronounced day-sha) and I’m a Lifestyle {documentary} photographer serving Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. I'm a native to New England, though after college, I spent my twenties traveling and lived in South Georgia for five years with my  husband while he was stationed at the Navy Submarine base in Kings Bay. 

I LOVE babies and children. and I'm slightly obsessed with horses, so you can be sure I'm not scared of getting messy, and won't think twice about getting down on your kids' level, playing in the grass and dirt, or chasing them around on the beach during our session. 


One of my favorite things in the world is dancing, so don't be surprised if I encourage you and your family to twirl each other around to really capture those spontaneous moments of joy, laughter, and movement. 


When I’m not shooting, you’ll find me enjoying time with friends and family. I have my camera on my person at all times and one of my ongoing resolutions is to document our lives as they happen, photographing memories and emotions in the moment. 

 I’ve been honing my photography skills for 15 years, since being introduced to a digital camera in college, though I've always been fascinated by art and photography, taking pictures of anything and everything using whatever camera I had at my disposal. Photography is literally my dream job. That old adage "Love your job and never work a day in your life" totally applies here.


My photography style is natural and artistic. I just love capturing all the beautiful (and oh-so-fleeting) moments of life for my amazing clients. The best thing about being a Lifestyle photographer is that I get to capture beautiful memories and enjoy my clients’ reactions when they first see their finished photos.

You’re looking for a photographer who won’t make you pose awkwardly, knows how to relate to kids and will make the shoot fun and easy – and that’s what I do!

Your session will be all about having fun and getting beautiful photos. Whether they're photos of your family, newborn, pregnancy, birth or some other special occasion in your life, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself and get gorgeous photographs to put on the wall or in an album afterwards.

Now that you know me a little better, click here to tell me a little about yourself, and what interests you about dacia vu photography!! 

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