Fun Things to do Indoors with Your Kids this Winter for under $100

#1: Bake some cookies with the Kids – This is something super affordable, that’s fun, and has a great reward at the end! It’s a little difficult for me and my need-to-be-in-control Type-A personality to get through while allowing the kids to enjoy themselves at the same time. Three kids later, and I’m still practicing the art of embracing the chaos. But if I can set aside my compulsive need to have everything in its perfect place, this activity actually brings our house a lot of joy, especially when it’s cold outside, and cozying up to bake together feels so homey!

#2: Find some fun board games to play together! We love board games in my house, and we’re always on the hunt for games we can play together as s family (minus the two year old, for now). Here’s a series we bought the kids for Christmas, that we all enjoy! We have “Castle Panic”, and even my four year old joins in on the fun with this one (we got the older version, not the preschool version, which I believe is due to be released in March). It takes about 30-40 minutes to complete, and is played as a team, everyone against the game. Of course, this is just one suggestion out of hundreds of options out there, but what better way to spend some quality time than cozied up in front of the fire, and playing a fun game together??

#3: Mystic Seaport – This place is loaded with things to do and see! Granted, about half the exhibits are outdoors, but there’s some really great options inside as well, in particular, the Children’s Museum portion. I’ve taken my 3 kids (ages 7, 4 and 2) there a few times, and they all love it!

#4: This one’s geared more towards military (submariner, in particular) families, but I’m sure just about any kid would find it cool, regardless of military association: The Submarine Force Library & Museum. While my husband is deployed on a submarine in the colder weather, this is a great way for me and the kids to get out of the house, enjoy some quality time together, learn some kickass stuff about the Sub Force, and feel just a tiny bit closer to our lead man while he’s underway. The USS Nautilus is permanently docked on the pier for tours, and the museum is chock-full of interesting facts, neat displays and sub models.

#5: Inner Active Indoor Activity Center: We haven’t made a trip to this place yet, but I have a few friends who have, and they rave about it! It’s affordable, fun, and has options for a variety of age groups. And the best part? The kids are fenced in, so go with a friend, and you may actually be able to sit and chat without worrying about run-away kids (if your toddler’s anything like mine…that ninja will run at every opportunity).

#6 The New London Library or Westerly Library and Wilcox Park!

Not the most exciting venture on the list, but a wonderful, educational, and WARM option for an indoor activity to do with the kids, even those that can’t quite read yet. Both libraries have separate children areas, and host a variety of really neat activities throughout the week for kids of all ages. These libraries have so much more to offer than story hour folks! And the best part? It’s FREE!

Okay, last, but definitely not least:

Bonus #7! Glitter Mini Sessions at my studio

(Preston, Connecticut) in February would be a

great chance to have some indoor fun with the kids! There will be glitter (obviously), dancing, music, snacks and beverages (for kids and parents), and WARM FUN! Come join us by registering your name on the wait list here.

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