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What are Limited Edition Sessions?

Each year, I host a select number of Limited Edition sessions, designed with custom themes, services, and products. Each session is scheduled to take place on one or two calendar days for that year, with a limited number of time slots available.

A wait list will be opened prior to booking date release, giving my preferred clients and subscribers the opportunity to learn of the booking timeframe first, as well as receive priority for preferred time slots.

Sessions are booked and paid in full in advance of each event. Due to the nature of these sessions, and their limited availability, bookings will only be open and accepted for a brief period of time.  (typically 48 hours). Individuals who have added their names to the wait list will receive first notice of booking date release, and have 24 hours to select their preferred time slots and book their sessions prior to bookings opening to the public. 

Join the mailing list so you, too, can be a preferred client!

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