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I had the privilege of hand delivering a recent client’s order to their home on Monday. There were definitely some selfish ulterior motives behind my request to hand deliver them. I had kind of, sort of fallen in love with their babies when I did their newborn shoot, and was itching to hold them again. I brought my camera with me, so I could document how much they’ve grown just in the short time since their session.

I’m also participating in a blog circle this month with some other fantastic photographers from all over the States! Be sure to scroll to the end of the post and follow the link to see the sweetest photos of a beautiful preemie baby girl by mQn photography.

But before you do that, you may recognize these cuties from a previous blog post:

Newborn baby boys resting hands on one another and snuggled under a soft white blanket
Dad holding his two twin boys in his hands

Well, they’ve changed quite a bit since then! Look at them now! 7 Weeks old and already smiling!!!

newborn baby boy smiling at dad
Newborn Photographer in Preston Connecticut photographing newborn twins

Ansel (the cutie on the left) slept the entire time I was there, until I got up to put my coat and boots on. Look at those squishy cheeks and chubby fingers!

When he decided to wake up at the very last minute, he was full of smiles for his daddy. I just can’t get enough of these guys!

I have to mention that while Raina and Monty knew I was coming to deliver their order, they had no idea and no warning that I was bringing my camera and planning to take their pictures. (I know, I’m cruel like that). So yea, they look this good naturally, with no prep time. (And totally, coincidentally, match!)

Family with twin baby boys sitting on couch laughing
baby boy holding his dad's finger in New London CT Photographer Lifestyle photo
best preston Connecticut family and newborn photographer

These boys have grown out of their newborn clothes already and are working hard on getting bigger way too fast. Slow it down guys! A sentiment I find myself begging my own children on an almost daily basis when I swear I can see them growing before my own eyes. It makes my heart ache…I wish I could halt time and keep them little forever. I mean, as parents, don’t we all? For all those sleepless nights and whiny mornings, sticky-finger stains on the wall, food crunching under foot from the last dinner they threw on the floor, viruses that make us house bound for a week, potty training nightmares, and sharing a bed built for two with five, just one smile, hug, or random “I love you” from your child and suddenly you’re wishing you could make time stand still. I guess we’ll settle for pictures and savor every moment in-between.

squishy baby noses and holding mommy's finger

Don’t forget to click the link to the next post in the blog circle, from a Minnesota photographer who’s captured some beautiful moments of a mama and her precious preemie girl with a congenital heart defect, Lifestyle & Studio Photography in Twin Cities, MN.

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