Preparing for your family photoshoot!

You’re getting close to your family photoshoot session and you want to make sure everyone is camera ready! Here are a few tips for preparing your family for a photoshoot:

  • Depending on how old your kids are, you want to make sure they stay engaged without getting bored or upset, so think of things to entertain them along the way and pick a time in the day where they tend to be in the best mood.
  • Get your kids excited as the shoot approaches and let them know how much fun they will have! No need to put pressure on them, the silliness that kids bring works perfectly for these kinds of things!
  • Make sure the whole family is fed and hydrated beforehand but also pack snacks and drinks so that you can take little breaks when needed and feed the little ones.
  • Choose comfortable, slightly coordinated colored clothing with optional pops of color for yourselves. There’s no need to be super matchy-matchy, but having some similar colors here and there looks great!
  • Make sure you all get the most amount of sleep you can (I know this can sometimes be tricky with young children) the night before so you all look as rested as possible!
  • Most importantly, enjoy yourselves! This is a day to spend with your family and capture beautiful moments that you will be able to share with each other for years and with your child(ren) as they grow!

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