5 Reasons to Have Your Newborn Session at Home

Bringing a baby home from the hospital (or having a baby at home if you’re home birthing) is a monumental experience, and if you’ve hired a newborn photographer, or you’re starting to think about it, read on for some reasons why you should find a photographer who can come to you, and hold your session in the convenience of your own home!

Newborn baby in crib for lifestyle, natural newborn photos at home

1. Convenience! This is the most obvious reason for having your newborn baby session at home. Once you get discharged from the hospital, finally make it home and get settled in, the last thing you want to do is get all packed up and leave the comfort of home again shortly after. Let alone travel anywhere with that new little bundle of sweetness!

2. Recovery. Let’s be real, giving birth is one of the most awe-inspiring feats of humankind, and the recovery from such an endeavor is nothing shy of grueling and intense. Give yourself and your body the time and grace to recover in the place you feel safest, and let your photographer come to you!

3. Aesthetic. This is more of a personal preference. Not everyone wants their home as the backdrop to their baby’s newborn session, whether it’s because that’s just not their style, or they’re in the process of renovating/decorating/moving into a new house. But if a homey newborn session IS your style, nothing says homey and cozy like pictures of your baby and your family in your own home! Plus, your photographer is going to see your home differently than you. They’ll be able to pick out the best spot for lighting, background appeal, and pose you in such a manner that flatters both the subject and the backdrop!

4. Time. Newborn sessions can sometimes take as long as 2 to 4 hours, depending on how well the baby sleeps and where in the baby’s schedule the session falls. Spending that much time away from home could be tough for parents, baby, and any siblings. But if your session takes place at home, parents and siblings can take breaks as needed in their familiar space, and all the amenities of home are all within reach!

5. Options. Just because you’re having your newborn session at home doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look or style you prefer. When you choose DVP for your newborn session, you have the option of having a relaxed, strictly lifestyle oriented newborn session, opting for a more posed, studio style, OR doing a hybrid session, where you have a nice balance of both lifestyle images and posed like those you see below. All within the comfort of home! Some people prefer the simplicity of a solid backdrop to really accentuate the star of the session, your new little baby. And others want to incorporate their home into the session to capture all the details and memories, all the sentiment of those first few weeks at home together. Either way, this can all be accomplished right under your own roof. Hybrid newborn photographers like dacia vu photography offer a combination of both studio style posing, and the more natural, relaxed, lifestyle approach. And DVP brings everything to you! From newborn props, wraps, outfits, backdrops, right down to the studio lighting that may be required if the natural lighting in your house isn’t optimal.

The newborn session pictured here all took place within the client’s home. We used the nursery and family room for our lifestyle poses of baby with parents and sister, and I used about a 8×8 ft area to set up my studio props for the posed photos of baby on the fabric drops and in the baby bucket.

When your in-home newborn session draws to a close, all the conveniences of home are right there to get you right back into your normal routine, no worrying about a car ride home, entertaining other children, or waiting to sit down and relax after your session.

The best time to search for and reach out to your newborn photographer to book is when you’re 3-4 months pregnant. This will allow you time to find someone you’re truly confident in, whose style you love, and who can deliver everything you’re looking for. A lot of newborn photographers, DVP included, book a limited number of newborns per month, to accommodate for the unpredictability of birth dates, and the flexibility of rescheduling baby sessions to fit within the 7-21 day old timeframe. Are you expecting? Reach out and let’s discuss your vision for a newborn session! Or check out my info page for some more info about a session with DVP.

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