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Make Your Next Family Photo Session FUN and Stress-Free with These 8 Tips | Southeast CT Coastal Fam

So you want to book a photo session. You realize this is one of the best investments you can make for your family, but you have concerns and questions. So many questions, like "what will I wear?" "how can I get my kids to cooperate for an entire hour of photos when they barely allow me to snap a quick shot of them on my phone?!" Well, as a mom of 3, an aunt to 7, and a seasoned photographer, I've got some tips and tricks to help ease those worries.

First on the list, (because if you're anything like me, and you love clothes, shoes, and any excuse to go shopping, this is also first on your mind!)

1. Let's talk about What to Wear (and what NOT to!) My best piece of advice: pick your outfits out in advance! I mean it. Don't wait until the last minute for this one, you'll wind up frantically raiding your closet, your sisters/friend's home, and/or the nearest shopping mall, adding more and more stress with every outfit you toss to the side. This is not how you should feel the day before you take the photographs you'll put in a massive frame to display over your fireplace for the rest of your days! You're cool. You're calm. You're collected. And you've got an amazing outfit that will bring out the color of your eyes, compliment your skin, and make you look like the radiant, beautiful soul you are. Because you went shopping for it weeks prior to your photo shoot. Trust me on this one.

What to Wear for your Autumn or Winter Photo Session | dacia vu photography, Connecticut and Rhode Island Family Photographer

Choose your outfit first. Then dad's. Then the kids. Build their outfits off yours. Find outfits that work cohesively rather than match. Try to incorporate approximately 3 independent colors, that work well together. See some of the sample images below for great color combinations. Compliment, compliment, compliment. You don't need to go find the same shirt in various sizes! Please, don't. Each person is a unique individual and deserves to exhibit their own style and identity (besides, everyone in matching shirts is so...nineties).

If one person wants to wear a colorful dress (you do, don't you?!) with a bold, beautiful flower print, make sure everyone else wears solid, softer colors in the same family. Like this:

More of a jeans and pretty top kinda gal? Wear something with soft, subdued tones. Complimentary colors in the same family (Your denim jeans with dark and light blue, cream and white shirts). Like this:

Beautiful subdued cool tones to wear for your photo session

Or muted, neutral tones like this:

Photo from Laura Carew Photography Website

Some examples of cute, cohesive outfits for the whole family.

Photo from Laura Carew Photography Website

Toddlers look cute in just about anything, but these outfits are some great examples of colors that work well together.

siblings laughing, running, playing together during family photo session | dacia vu photography, Preston CT photographer

And in the end, if you just can't find something for everyone, or you're really struggling, let me know, and I'll give you the guidance you need. I'm here to help you through, every step of the way.

Mother and Son at Rocky Neck State Park blowing dandelions | family photography | dacia vu photography

Next up on the agenda:

2. Choose your location! We've all heard it before: location, location, location. Location is key. We will work closely together on this topic as well. We want a place where you and your family can stretch your legs, and be yourselves. A place that you will remember with fondness, not just as a pretty back drop (though that is important too). I have a list of locations I work from, but I'm always open to new ideas and places. This is, in fact, one of my favorite things to do in my spare time - ha! Spare time