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Let's talk about birth photography. Only recently has this genre really started to get more popular. It kind of amazes me that this monumental experience, unlike anything else any human ever experiences, has only recently started to be photographed! Think about all the other milestones of life we commemorate in photographs, and yet the one that delivers us into this world has rarely been documented. Until now. We're starting to realize, or at least publicize, just how amazing, beautiful, and MEMORABLE births of humans are! But we're only starting. Most of the general population doesn't even realize this is an option, and those that do are often skeptical, hesitant, or simply reject the idea. And understandably so, I mean, for my first child, I was traumatized at the thought of having to spend hours on the birthing table naked from the waist down. The doctor would see me! The nurses would see me! Heck, I made my husband swear he'd stay by my head (he didn't listen). And when the midwife asked me if I wanted a mirror to see what was going on "down there", I shuddered at the thought.

And then the contractions started. I quickly forgot which end was up, what was showing or covered, and could really not care les