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From IVF to V-back, a Moving Birth Story

Manchester Memorial Hospital Birthing Center, Connecticut | Connecticut Birth and Baby Photographer

Births are one of my favorite genres of photography. Pretty much any photography to do with babies is right up my alley (in-home lifestyle newborn, studio newborn, fresh-48, all of it!) but being present and witness to the birth of a new sweet soul has a whole new level of reward for me. Due to the unpredictable nature of the job, I have a standing agreement with another local photographer, Sarah Lodge, to be one another's back-up in the event one of us can't make it to a birth on time.

Sarah's clients, Jennifer and Joshua, were eagerly anticipating their baby's arrival, and after 42+ weeks of waiting, decided to be induced. I had the honor of photographing this family's birth story, as a stand-in for Sarah, who was photographing a wedding in Vermont. Below, Jennifer shares the moving story of her baby's birth, and some of their struggles along the way.

Can you share with our readers a little about your family? Where are you from originally? How did you and your partner meet and end up living in Ledyard, Connecticut?

I’m originally from Vernon, Connecticut and my husband is from the Philadelphia area. We met in 2012 after the navy stationed him in Groton, Connecticut. We met only 2 weeks after he arrived, and have been inseparable since. We moved in together 6 months later and rented a little house in Waterford. 6 months after that we were engaged and getting ready to buy our little house in Ledyard, Connecticut. About 4 years, a deployment, and 2 children later we’re really excited for the future.

What was your pregnancy with baby like? Did you suffer from any morning sickness? Have any strange cravings?

Our sweet Evelyn was conceived via IVF. Our frozen embryo transfer was 12/26/17. We think we had a little Christmas magic working in our favor. I had a really easy pregnancy with no morning sickness or complications of any kind. The worst I had was heartburn, but our sweet girl was born with a full head of hair!

Which part of your pregnancy did you enjoy the most? And the least?

Well the heartburn was my least favorite part, but it was so worth it.

I loved feeling the baby kicks and wiggles on the inside. Actually, I already miss it and have some crazy baby fever already!

What made you decide to follow your specific birth plan?

My first birth was extremely traumatic, and ended in an unnecessary c-section. I was determined to have a healing vaginal birth this time. We planned a home-birth from the start, but at 42+2 decided it was time for a change of plans. After some discussion with our wonderful midwives we decided we needed to transfer care to Manchester Memorial Hospital in Manchester, Connecticut, for an induction. Even though it wasn’t exactly what we planned, it was a beautiful, healing experience, and now we have a perfect, healthy, baby girl!

Birth photography is becoming more and more common now, but there's still a lot of mystery surrounding it, and skepticism from women who may feel hesitant to have such intimate moments recorded by a photographer, and potentially someone who is essentially a stranger. Can you tell us a little about what made you decide to have baby's birth photographed?

This pregnancy was so precious. We worked so hard for this baby! I documented our IVF journey on Instagram and thought her birth needed to be documented via photos as well. Evelyn is also my VBAC baby after my first was born via cesarean in 2015. I knew this would be a healing and powerful experience so I knew I needed photos!