5 Things Your Family Photographer Wants You to Know Before Your Session

1. Location, location, location – the location influences the experience and the outcome, so choose a good one! (Or let your photographer guide you to a place they know will provide both a gorgeous backdrop and beautiful lighting).

2. Session time is important – there is an ideal time of day for a photographer to take pictures, because of the light. That time is either the hour before sunset, or the hour before sunrise. This is called “golden hour”. This time of day will allow your photographer to deliver the very best images, with the most beautiful, softened and flattering light.

3. Make sure you eat and hydrate before your session! This is especially important for little children. Have you ever encountered a “hangry” child? They’re a little scary, and REALLY don’t want their picture taken. Adults (mostly dads, ahem) often suffer from this condition as well.

4. Wardrobe is SO important. You will want to share and display these images, so it’s important that the clothes you choose for everyone are “wall worthy”. This doesn’t mean they need to be stiff, uncomfortable, or outside your comfort zone. Try choosing neutral, soft tones with pops of color here and there, and incorporating flattering, flowy pieces where you can. Coordinating colors and fabrics really makes or breaks the overall visual appeal of your image, so be sure to work with an experienced photographer who offers this kind of guidance and direction.

5. Last, but most importantly, your session should be FUN! This is ultimately the factor that will determine whether you love your photos, above and beyond location, and wardrobe. The feelings you experience during your session will be relived every time you look at your photos, and determine whether you pour over them all the time, or never want to look at them again. If you’re super stressed out, yelling at your kids, or uncomfortable in your outfit, you’re not going to be able to focus on the experience, on making memories with your family, and enjoying your time together. So remember to take a deep breath, relax and let your photographer guide you through the process so you can make and get the most out of your session!

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