Where to Shop and What to Wear for your Winter Photos – Your Winter Style Guide

The number one question I hear from clients before their session is “What should we wear?” Right in line with my number one concern when photographing my own kids….”What can I force them to wear so they don’t look like hobos?” My kids would happily choose their ragged, hole-ridden, mismatching outfits every time. You know, those outfits that I futilely attempt to hide from the public? It’s a losing battle, the rascals always manage to find and rescue them from the black hole I swear I “lost” them in. But I digress. Below, you’ll find a handy style guide for your Winter photo session, so you have one less thing to stress about!

I always recommend my clients begin their wardrobe hunt by choosing the leading lady’s outfit first. Moms have a way of thinking of themselves last, it’s just in our nature, but this is one of those times it’s okay – and even helpful!- to think of yourself first.

Some other helpful do’s and don’t’s:


Coordinate your clothing so that your colors work cohesively as a unit.


Match anyone’s outfits or colors exactly. Variety in textures and colors is important for dimension and interest in photographs.


Plan ahead. Choose your outfits well in advance whenever possible. Nothing like stressing out about outfits a day or two before your session, and not being able to find or order something in time to feel comfortable and confident during your session.


Choose clothing with neon colors (any really bright, reflective colors impact skin tone in photographs, and will detract from the quality of your final image) or logos.


Choose clothing with solid colors and/or choose one outfit with a nice pattern (floral, pinstripe, or flannel), and build the other outfits off the colors in that pattern.

If you really feel like your closets at home are lacking what you want to wear in your photos, I’ve got some great recommendations on where to shop listed below with gorgeous looks for the whole family!

Since I encourage moms to get their outfit together before the rest of the family, of course the first on the list are some of my favorite go-to’s for stylish, beautiful clothing ideas for mom:

For more casual, subdued fashions:

J. Crew (this works great for guys too!)



For the more Bohemian spirit: Free People


Urban Outfitters

Finally, for those of us with fancier sides:

Sew Trendy (this is a personal favorite. Contact me for a great discount code and to inquire about my client wardrobe options from this shop!)



Morning Lavender

For the more budget friendly fashionistas:

H&M (another personal favorite! I’ve found some awesome kids accessories here too.)

Nordstram’s Rack (if you like Free People, this is the store for you, they carry great sales on this brand!)

For the kids:

Greenberry (this shop has great options for boys and girls)

Little Trendsetter (book one of my 2018 Holiday mini spots, and receive a $10 gift card to this shop!)

Bailey’s Blossoms (more for the real little tykes)

Some great kid accessory options for the colder weather: J. Crew Kids

Haven’t booked your photo session yet for your holiday cards? Look no further, I’ve got you covered! Get in touch so we can start styling your personal session today!

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