Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Family Photos Done

  1. Someone in your family is shy, awkward, or uncomfortable in front of the camera, You don’t know how to pose, or what to do with your hands.
  2. You’re stuck on “Whensday”. You want pictures done when you’re in better shape, when you have more time, and/or when you have more money.
  3. You have no idea what you would wear, or how to dress your family, and the thought causes great anxiety.


  1. Your seasoned photographer knows how to work with shy and awkward individuals and they know just what kind of activities to suggest to get everyone engaged, laughing, and enjoying themselves, completely (or at least mostly) forgetting about the camera.
  2. “Whensday” doesn’t exist, and it will never arrive. “Whensday” is an excuse we use to put something off that would be fulfilling and important to us, because of obstacles or fears that we allow to rule over us. You have to remind yourself that you are loved just as you are, and worthy of the same beautiful memories documented in photographs as anyone else. And regardless of your appearance or mindset, these are the days your children are going to remember, irrespective of how you look or feel. Time and money are relative to exactly the amount of value you put on something, and while photographs may not seem valuable at this point, they will be invaluable in the future, when they are the only reminder of those memories you have and it’s impossible to go back in time to document them.
  3. Wardrobe. This is the silliest reason, but often the clincher. No one knows what to wear! And searching or shopping for outfits, especially for large families seems like such a chore (because it IS). But the reality is, all you need is someone to help you coordinate! A lot of photographers (present company included *wink wink*) offer client closets with adorable, timeless pieces for your children, and even some beautiful dresses for mom. (Dad’s are easy, and don’t often require more than a gentle nudge in the right direction towards some nice pants and a clean Henley or Polo.)

So what are you waiting for?! Book that session before their chubby cheeks disappear, or their sweet childlike innocence and silliness is forgotten. Need help choosing outfits? I got you. Need help wrangling that toddler? I’ve had 3, I got you. There’s nothing in your way now other than those pesky doubts and fears. Shrug ’em off and seize the day, I promise, you won’t regret it.

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